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The Lost World Caverns

One of the blessings of living in the Appalachian region is the beautiful scenery, but most people think it stops at the dirt. While we are surrounded by lovely mountains, valleys, creeks, rivers, and wildlife, in West Virginia, there is more than just coal below the surface.

Today’s family adventure took us to Lewisburg, WV; well, more precisely it took us 120 feet below Lewisburg. Today, we explored the Lost World Caverns.

I will admit, on the way there I got a little confused by our scenery. We started seeing signs that directed us to a strip mall, but then we drove behind it. Fifteen minutes of farms and gravel roads we finally came upon the storefront for the caverns. Upon entering the doors, we were greeted with a good sized gift shop (affordable stuff), and 3 employees who quickly welcomed us and checked us in. The tour was self-guided, but very well labeled. I won’t talk much about the cave, but I will let the pictures speak for it.

All in all, we decided it was absolutely worth the drive and money ($12 for adults $6 for kids). 

Just a couple quick final notes: Some of the rocks are slippery due to water. Also, there are about 350 stairs along the trek, and the entry/exit steps have a decent slope to them, so if you have issues with that type of obstacle, let that be a consideration.